For women entrepreneurs, boldly putting themselves out in the marketplace can sometimes be overwhelming… But developing your personal brand in your new enterprise is essential….

Kristina Tsipouras is reinventing herself for the third time, using her failures to propel her forward. Erika Tarantal discovers the “can-do” woman behind Moroccan Magic….

The thing is, the people who make it to ‘GREAT’ status don’t see failure as something that is negative. They take every circumstance in their life and use it to their advantage….

Kristina Tsipouras doesn’t sit still for long. She founded a Greek iced tea company… launched the Boston Business Women networking group and started a line of organic lip balms….

Peek inside the fairytale Newport celebration of local influencer and entrepreneur Kristina Tsipouras (a.k.a. Busy Girl Boston).….

 If you believe that life is happening for you and not to you, then you will never be a victim to anything that comes your way…

Serial Millennial Entrepreneur Goes Big on Lip Balm. Touted as “the best new drugstore lip balm,” by Steve Wozniak…

A good balm should feel hydrating, not waxy. Moroccan Magic is my favorite for both myself and my celebrity clients.